Hotel Gotham. Manchester

Hotel Gotham’s furnishings are modern in presentation yet
would not look out of place in the New York of the 1920’s.
Naturally many of our points of reference came from the rich history of the building. Drawing on the financial features of ornate detailing, polished wooden counters and period architectural flourishes, we have selected deep velvets, furs, leather and traditional metals in the name of both heritage and the original spirit of the building.

Gotham is located at 100 King Street in the central conservation area and is housed in one
of the city’s grandest, listed buildings – a former premises of Midland Bank Standing at the
head of King Street, proudly atop the hill amidst architectural nods to the Grecian and Baroque, Hotel Gotham draws inspiration from these surroundings and rises up as an imposing castle of stone and steel. Designed by Edwin Lutyens in 1928 in the Art Deco style of the time, is it any wonder it was referred to as ‘The King’?

In terms of the architecture, the neoclassical design is unusual for Manchester.
But we quite like that. We celebrate difference at Gotham.

Hotel Gotham naturally draws attention to itself. It hit the national news in 2010 when it was alleged that safe deposit boxes containing jewellery and gold, not to mention master tapes from Joy Division and New Order recording sessions, were found on the site. Gotham was always going to be unpredictable and make a statement. It was always going to be a unique experience, a spectacular destination, with a taste for the theatrical. This is why we wanted
to bring it to the Manchester Stage.

At Gotham we believe that luxury is as important as location and history. We believe style should complement substance, and we are not too taken by the idea of compromise.
We don’t see Gotham as your average hotel. From day one it was always going to be
special. As Foo Foo Lammar once said ‘If you’re a star, why not twinkle.’