Gain Lane. Bradford

The proposed scheme is the first phase of a 30 acre development by Marshall Construction (West Yorkshire) at Gain Lane, Bradford.

The project, for Commercial Development Projects Ltd, comprises of the construction of a 485m estate road, leading from Gain Lane to the future Industrial Park. Works to the access road have commenced and upon completion of the infrastructure works, construction will begin to two industrial units. A layout of the development can be viewed by clicking Site Plan PDF in the Downloads section of this page.

As part of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, the scheme has been awarded a grant from the Local Growth Fund. The aim of the Enterprise programme is to accelerate development and deliver high quality employment floorspace. Due to the restrictive access and topography, development of the site is challenging. The Grant will support the infrastructure works required to access to the site, allowing the development of the site into a 30-acre Industrial Park, creating 550 jobs through 316,502 sqft of commercial floorspace.